Welcome to Entrepinayship

Empowering Filipina, AAPI, and immigrant women to pursue entrepreneurship

About Us

What is Entrepinayship?

Entrepinayship connects Filipina entrepreneurs, creatives, and changemakers with mentors, community, and resources to launch, nurture, and grow an impactful business or passion project.

Our vision is for every Filipina to realize her full potential. Our mission is to build a robust entrepreneurship ecosystem for our diaspora community. We believe that this can serve as a valuable tool for self-determination. Besides entrepreneurship and leadership success, we also like exploring our shared heritage, place in the diaspora, and identity.

We believe in the power of kapwa, but also recognize the importance of boundaries and communication. We strive to build authentic connections that lead to meaningful collaborations. We are here to exchange best practices, be inspired by our peers, and learn from each other.

[Entrepinay® is a registered trademark affiliated with Entrepinayship]

Why Join Us

By joining, you will:

  • Get to know others locally and from across the diaspora who share common interests and challenges related to launching/growing a passion project or business
  • Access resources, courses, and tips to support your entrepinayship journey
  • Learn about tools related to Personal Development, Wellness, and Business

Our Values

What we value at Entrepinayship:
Fairness & equity
Clear and direct communication
Healthy boundaries
Self-care and agency
Kind and respectful language & behavior
Motivation and inspiration
Community & collaboration

Entrepinayship creates a safe space for sharing ideas, challenges, and accomplishments, and does not tolerate toxic or unprofessional actions.

What We Don't Tolerate

Pushy marketing
Harmful language